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Laboklin DNA Tests
ABCD: Laboklin Test Application Form
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  • Laboklin DNA Tests
  • Dr. Viola Hebeler agreed with Laboklin on a DNAtest package especially for ISDS registered Border Collies.

    It includes the tests for

    • CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly)
    • IGS (Imerslund-Gräsbeck-Syndrom)
    • TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrom)
    • SN (Sensory Neuropathy)

    The contract with Laboklin originally was made for ISDS registered dogs of ABCD Members. The discount price is given to support studies on the incidence of genetic diseases. You are very welcome to use it, but please note that Laboklin will send a copy of the results to the ABCD studbook office.

    This form can also be used to order the "large" Border Collie package, which includes the tests for MDR1, GG, Raine syndrome and NCL in addition to the above.

    You can download the Laboklin Test Application Form here.
    The form is in English language.

  • Please note: The ISDS only records the DNA CEA Test Report if it is accompanied by the ISDS Sample Application Form. Print off both forms, take them with the ISDS registration certificate to your vet. Your vet needs to check the dog's microchip and to sign on both forms that the blood was taken from the dog with this microchip number.
    If you live in Germany please send the ISDS form (the original!) to the ABCD-Zuchtbuchstelle (Kiefernweg 10, 61169 Friedberg).
    If you want the DNA result printed on the ISDS certificate please add the certificate and a prepaid envelope together with the form to the ABCD-Zuchtbuchstelle.
    If you don't live in Germany please send the test results and the original of the ISDS form to the ISDS.
    For more information have a look here